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About Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS)

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) are specialized equipment and controls to help manufacturers, distributors, warehouses, and retail operations handle, store, and retrieve materials. 

There are various types of automated storage and retrieval systems for companies of any size. The one thing they have in common is the ability to help you quickly, safely, and efficiently handle and store the essential goods for your business.

Common Advantages Regardless of the Location of Inventory

ASRS offers expected benefits to companies located practically anywhere, and they include:

  1. Reduced labor costs by eliminating time lost to walking and searching
  2. Enhanced safety and security by controlling access to particular trays
  3. Improved order picking accuracy
  4. Better ergonomics by delivering items to an operator at a convenient height, avoiding lifting and bending could cause injuries.
  5. More workflow and inventory options because of the flexible modular design
  6. Space-saving benefits with high-density storage

All these benefits are essential to businesses and improve their variable costs for inventory. The space-saving design could provide the most significant advantages in locations like Florida, where the cost of land is rising rapidly.

Industrial Land Prices in Florida Have Increased Dramatically

The cost of building new warehouses has been growing in Florida because land prices have gone up while the available land supply continues to dwindle. In Broward County alone, land prices more than doubled to $1.2 million per acre in the five years from 2013 to 2018. 

During that same time frame, industrial development sites in Miami-Dade were selling for about $940,000 per acre, up more than three times their 2013 price. Florida Trend says South Florida Market is in super-boom mode.

Which ASRS Systems are Suitable for Your Operation?

Storage and retrieval solutions range from entry-level units for those new to ASRS to large-scale customizable systems with multiple levels. Here are some of the more popular products that can help you save money, time, and space:  

Vertical lift module (VLM)

The VLM has vertically arranged trays stored in the front and rear of the unit. Its modular construction allows for flexibility. It can change both its height and the number of access openings to provide maximum storage density.

Horizontal carousel

Perfect for storing and retrieving small to medium-sized items.  The horizontal carousel comes with hanging shelves.  These shelves move around a carousel, automatically delivering stored items at an access opening. The carousels are often arranged in stations, providing for the possibility of an almost endless array of configurations.

Vertical carousel

Think of a Ferris wheel, and you will understand the concept of the vertical carousel. Either shelves or drawers rotate up or down, using the shortest path to distribute stored items to an operator. The ergonomically positioned pick window and personnel photocells are just some of the safety features on the units.

Vertical carousels for filing

With the capacity to replace at least 16 four-drawer file cabinets, these space-saving filing systems are appropriate in an office setting or on the shop floor. They deliver stored files and media to a worker with the push of a button. By practically eliminating time-consuming walking and searching, these file carousels offer increased productivity and security for finding and storing sensitive files.

Make the Most of Your Valuable Industrial Space

Pro Horizontal Carousel

Make Kardex Storage Systems your strategic partner in solving your material storage challenges. One or more of our solutions will help you save floor space and increase productivity among your workers. Find out more!

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