Kardex Life Cycle Services provides value

Kardex Storage Systems provides a full range of installation, maintenance, training and support services for our customers. Our highly trained and experienced service technicians are experts on Kardex and Megastar equipment. We provide:

  • Existing System Evaluations
  • Installation Project Management – Our qualified technicians install your systems and integrate them into the existing environment. We train your staff through detailed introductory lessons or personalized training sessions and ensure your new storage system is working properly with a thorough trial operation.
  • Safety Check – We take safety and reliability seriously. We regularly check your equipment using special measuring devices to increase safety for your employees, the reliability of your operations, and the continued profitability of your system.
  • Training – We provide on-site training on the proper operation of your storage system to help ensure consistent high performance. If you wish to perform your own maintenance, we will provide technical training and certify your maintenance staff.
  • 24/7 Emergency Standby Service – Our individual service plans are designed to ensure the availability of your system at all times. You can select the plan that best that suits your particular requirements and specifies your desired response times – on workdays during business hours or around the clock, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • Online, Phone and Onsite Support – Our in-house help desk is your direct line to Kardex service. You can reach trained and experienced staff members who are ready to assist you around the clock when you need them. By asking specific questions and giving instructions, our experts can help solve many problems through remote diagnostics in cooperation with your trained employees.
  • Maintenance – Our active maintenance management and optional scheduled maintenance agreements help ensure availability of your machine, reduce downtime and preserve the value of your investment. Impending damage due to wear and tear is identified and addressed before problems occur. Extended warranty options are also available.
  • Spare Parts – Our inventory of spare parts are precision-matched to your system. They meet the highest quality standards to ensure maximum machine uptime and stable production processes.
  • Relocation Management – Whether in-plant, interstate or international, Kardex Storage Systems’ factory certified technicians will provide a full service move management package covering all your system relocation needs.
  • Modifications/Consolidations/Upgrades – Kardex Storage Systems’ factory certified, technicians will provide a full service package to ensure your retrofit or upgrade project meets or exceeds your expectations.
  • Repair – If your system should malfunction, our trained and authorized service technicians are available around the clock to quickly get it back up and running.
  • Spare Parts Stock – An individually configured spare parts set will reduce the wait time for a replacement part and help get you up and running quicker.
  • Software Support – To get the most out of your Kardex system, we recommend Kardex’s powerful companion software, Power Pick® Global. We provide regular software updates performed via remote maintenance as well as telephone support, remote computer diagnostics, and on-site presence to ensure that your system works as efficiently as possible.