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Electronic commerce, better known as e-commerce, is about buying and selling, making money transfers, and conveying data over the internet. Among its many advantages, it permits conducting business without the restrictions of time and distance.

The astonishing growth of the e-commerce industry has led to drastic changes in the way companies handle their orders. Gone are the days of label guns, package stations, and other old-fashioned methods. Today’s level of e-commerce demands an efficient and cost-effective process. And an Automated Storage and Retrieval System, such as the Vertical Lift Module, meets those demands.

A Vertical Lift Module (VLM) Provides All the E-commerce Benefits

The VLM is an enclosed system that automatically locates trays and retrieves them from both the front and back of the unit, and delivers them to an operator at a pick window.

VLMs are becoming more and more valuable in the e-commerce industry because retailers can now maximize their floor-to-ceiling space while reclaiming some of their floor space. Varying shelf heights make it possible to utilize shelf space efficiently. For example, using deeper shelves for items 10 inches high and shallow shelves for those 4-inch-high items minimizes dead space and offers maximum storage density.

By taking advantage of the floor-to-ceiling height—along with height-optimized storing trays—a VLM can save up to 85 percent floor space compared to standard shelving. And because businesses can expand operations internally, the need for a costly building expansion is eliminated.

But when it comes to e-commerce benefits, it’s the speed and accuracy of a VLM that sets it apart.

VLMs Speed Up the Picking Process

The VLM automatically finds and retrieves specific trays as directed by an operator. Although throughput rates may vary depending on VLM configuration and application, in most cases, items stored in a VLM will arrive at the operator in less than 45 seconds.

VLMs Enhance Picking Accuracy

VLMs are equipped with technology that improves picking accuracy, eliminating wasted operator movements. Many VLMs employ pick-to-light systems that use light-directed technology to identify the location of the product. Others have voice automation systems using verbal commands to direct the operator to a specific cell.

Other E-commerce Benefits

Automation, specifically vertical lift modules, is established as an appropriate solution for improving e-commerce logistics. Here are the primary benefits:

  • Simplified order management
  • High-speed product inflow and outflow cycles
  • Mistake-free managing of receipt, storage, and dispatch processes
  • Enhanced safety in the flow of products and the work of operators
  • Storage space optimization
  • Maximum flexibility in organizing stock
  • Total control over warehouse inventory in the warehouse  

Find Out How a Kardex Storage System can Improve Your E-commerce Business

With Kardex Storage Systems as your strategic partner, you can meet your e-commerce needs while saving floor space, increasing productivity, and becoming better organized. Contact us to discover how!

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